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 Established 2006

calling allListen to our WABE interview.

ecstacyGirlDo you believe The Summer of Love  was 49 years ago?

And July 2016 is forty six years after the  Byron Pop Festival?

As the walrus said, “the time has come to talk of many things…”  The landscape is changing, people and memories are fading; it’s time to tell the tales.  Already many Atlantans are unaware of the story of Atlanta’s own time when the Hippie tribe roamed the Earth around the Peachtree Strip and Piedmont Park.

Surprise we’re still here, a bit less flamboyant and a bit more aged and wrink but still dancing joyously and letting our Freak flags fly on occasion.


Talkin ’bout my…  essay on why the project

Brothers and Sisters, we need to get our story down right before “The Man’s” official version is the only one available to the future.

Ever since the days when Freaks roamed Atlanta, whenever fellow travelers gather, tales have been told. We talked always of collecting them. Finally the death of The Chief, a journalist who had championed the cause of telling the hip tales lest they be forgot, and the gift of a painting of The Strip, put Pat and Patti into action.

First there was this site, then there were gatherings and shows at the Mitchell House on The Strip. The future is still unfolding and we all continue as irregular verbs.

Fun, Fun, Fun, and no T-birds to be taken away! Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. Ten Degrees. Off played great music originating from the era, Teri Stewart curated clothes and Arty-facts  to see and discuss, photo slide shows of period pictures by Carter Tomassi and Tom Coffin, prints by Bill Fibben and others. Music history of Atlanta assembled by David Michaelson and Bill Hardin, luminaries such as Tom Coffin, Alison and Kirby Fibben, uniquely  talented musicians including Glenn Phillips, Mike Hollbrook, and John Ivey. We spread the word and made new contacts. Hope you can attend the next.

No one of us has the story. The story was that there were suddenly all of us visible at once. We who are/were Hippies will generally disagree because we were so many things once we got a bit liberated.

wowWe were all on this ship in the sixties, our generation, a ship going to discover the New World. And the Beatles were in the crow’s nest of that ship.
John Lennon


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