Community Places

What places do you most remember from

The Peachtree Strip and the Hip Community?

Here are some. We need more suggestions

and memories and photos associated to these.

Sexy Sadie’s        Hip, Inc.        The Zoo on 8th        The Dump on Peachtree      The Fox Theatre       The Morning Glory Seed Head Shop        Onion Dome        The French Embassy       White Columns on 14th        Merry-Go-Round        Stein Club        Funochios *       Backstreet        Twin Mansions on 14th        The Bird House        Community Center   The Bowery               Great Southeast Music Hall        Electric Ballroom        The Catacombs        Mother’s Music        The Bistro
Mother’s Tire Company                      Photos_by_Boyd_Lewis.htmlPhotos_by_Boyd_Lewis.html,M1
The 12th Gate Coffeehouse

Robin Feld founded the 12th Gate as a folk coffeehouse. You will never hear bad of her.
 Carter Tomassi took this photo of her.

Joe Roman became the 12th gate co-management.

Craftspeople sold what they made through the Laundromat Co-op. 
There were a wide variety of crafts. I made handwrought jewelry and silk screened t-shirts. Patti made embroidered jean dresses. They also worked with the Atlanta Art Institute to offer hippies classes in marketable crafts such as silk- screening and jewelry-making.
Emory VillageEmory_Village.htmlEmory_Village.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Richard’s was on Monroe approximately where Landmark Theater sits
Free download
 Little Feat @ Richard’s New Years Eve 1973
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Middle Earth Head Shop

located across a parking lot from the FDA!

Great Middle Earth Photo

Piedmont Park Piedmont_Park.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
The Sports Arena 
was a wrestling arena where some amazing party / concerts were held.

Located at 310 Chester Avenue, it appears to have been owned by L.C. Warren.  He rented it to promoter Tom McCarthy in the 1930s, who began referring to the building as the Sports Arena.  It was used for wrestling again during the 1950s by various promoters, but in the 1960s, Paul Jones bought it and began using it when his cards conflicted with events scheduled at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.  Murray Silver began holding concerts. By the 1980s, the building had been demolished. 

Delta Resurrection

“The Poster Hut” on Cheshire Bridge

Wanted, pictures of:

Fruit Jungle on Piedmont

Pig Pen on Peachtree at 10th

Community Crisis Center.
pdf file of The straight drug awareness booklet they gave to all.Drug_Abuse_and_Use.html
12th Gate Coffeehouse 
by Olive Ann Burns

Picture courtesy Carter Tomassi

Duane Blalock- An Atlanta story and in relation to Al Kooper’s Book:” Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards”


Let me tell you about my personal account in relation to the AL Kooper book listed above. In the book in 1972 Al Kooper plays at Underground Atlanta. I was there to see the show and used  a fake ID to get in the club and a waitress was flirting around with me and after a while she came over and asked me how old I was?  Being dumb and honest,  I told her told 19. She was pissed and said that I should be thrown out, well she let me stay and I enjoyed the show.

In the book Kooper says during his stay in Atlanta he ended up hanging out with the Atlanta Rhythm Section at their studio. He had known them since they were the Candymen and backed Roy Orbison. Anyway he fell in love with the city and moved down from NY. They would jam and record and then hang out at a club on Peachtree called Funochios. There he watched the local bands play and produced and secured record contracts and started up “Sounds Of The South” label for MCA. He signed Lynyrd Skynyrd and Mose Jones, check out:


I used to hang out at the club and dated a girl named Lisa from there, well quite a few girls from there, but one in particular, and she also hung out(groupie) with Lynyrd Skynyrd  and we’d go down early while they warmed up and they would come sit and hang out at our table. I just considered them a local band and remember remarking to Lisa that they were pretty good but “Crossroads” was not as good as Cream’s version and they showed off too much. This was before they had an album out. Attached is a picture from upstairs at Funochios and Skynyrd playing. They did not have the piano player then and had a different drummer.


Anyway in the book, Al Kooper talks about  Funochios and how there were fights and stabbings and he witnessed two shooting!

Well, at the time I was attending the Atlanta College of Art and my friend who also attended there, the late Jeff Yero, had a roommate named Mike who was also a student with us and worked as a bouncer at Funochios.  He threw a guy out one night and the guy came back and shot and killed him. After that, I stayed clear of the club! Too bad Mose Jones did not make it along with other bands like Eric Quincy Tate, Kudzu and  Hydra.  They, by the way had a reunion and released a live album last year and you can download it on ITunes.

Backstreet hopping round the clock in the 70s

Tropical Fruit Jungle on Ponce

Mary Mac’s Tearoom