untitledeverainbowtoo-fineHippies were seeking individual and group liberation of humans from the constrictions of 1950 Eisenhower rigid social norms. It even worried everyone’s grandfather Ike enough to warn of the coming Military-Industrial Complex that threatened American’s democracy and free way of life.

Every small town had a group of creative kids that, try as they might, could not take delight in praising the emporer’s new clothes.

In the media age of the 1960s they began to make contact with each other. Webs of contact grew between these small hippie scenes. At that time anyone who looked like a hippie truly was your brother or sister freak and would greet you as an old friend. Larger cities had whole communities, but every town had a place where “those hippie kids” gathered together.

In Atlanta it was The Strip on Peachtree and the area from there to around Piedmont Park. Map is circa 1966

strip on map

Oh, these Places I Remember

The Catacombs

14Th Street

Piedmont Park

The Strip 

The Scattering of the Tribes

Community History

Sexy Sadie’s        Hip, Inc.        The Zoo on 8th        The Dump on Peachtree      The Fox Theatre       The Morning Glory Seed Head Shop        Onion Dome        The French Embassy       White Columns on 14th       Merry-Go-Round        Stein Club        Funochios *       Backstreet        Twin Mansions on 14th       The Bird House        Community Center   The Bowery              

Great Southeast Music Hall        Electric Ballroom       

The Catacombs        Mother’s Music       The Bistro    

Mother’s Tire Company      

10thstart cha gio strip 1978 strip1980chili dog                

  • Chattahoochee River Raft Race


  • Dave Hoffman

    Dave Hoffman writes-

    The photo in Piedmont Park is me, Curtis Winfrey, Stoney Mae (Priscilla Star Hunnicutt) and I think thats Abe aka (Roger Wilson & Edward Brown), behind Curtis.Stoney with 3 guys in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, 1970

    (I’d love ...

  • “…he not busy being born is busy dying…”

    The Great Speckled Bird 5/12/69 vol 2 #9 p11

     “I will secretly accept you,

    And together we’ll fly South.”

     “Leave your stepping stones behind

    There’s something that calls for you.

    Forget the dead you left, they will ... Read more >>

  • Jimi Hendrix Blows Atlanta’s mind

    Poster Hendrix68atl

    Soft Machine, Amboy Dukes, Vanilla Fudge and Jimi Hendrix Experience’s two shows at Atlanta’s Municipal Auditorium blew away Atlanta’s collective mind on Saturday August 17, 1968. Have you ever been Experienced? Now we could answer in the affirmative. Musicians in particular talk about this show ... Read more >>

  • Harry Demille

    Harry Demille bridges from The Strip community where he worked at the 12th Gate harry2 to the Little Five Points community where he co-founded Wax and  Facts.harry


    12th Gate

    Patti and Judith move from Florence, Alabama to Atlanta

    Moving into the 12th ...

  • Debbie Eason interview

    shapeimage_2 shapeimage_4Debbie Eason is a Creative Loafer extraordinary.

    Debbie Eason came up with the idea of a FREE newspaper about all the activities in Atlanta, paid for BY THE ADVERTISERS!  For a mother to work was still shocking. ... Read more >>

  • Bongo Interview

    bongoBongo, Peter Jenkins, was Atlanta’s digger who fed the masses in Piedmont Park, ran crash pads for transient kids, and mediated between bikers and hippies.

    He has some interesting tales.


      All recordings copyright the strip project

    Hello from Bongo!

    An outside agipotato


  • Joe Shifalo (Pig Iron) and Toni Shifalo (La Banana)


    Joe Shifalo, aka Pig Iron, loved music and played guitar and harmonica. He was a lawyer and civil rights activist, and he retired as executive director of the Little Five Points Community Center. The unofficial ‘Mayor of Little Five Points’. (photo on right by Boyd Lewis)

    Joe’s ...

  • The Bird Reviews Cream at Chastain

    After Jimi Hendrix we really felt excited about Cream coming to Chastain park. This was among the most memorable moments for many, and is still a touchstone for many memories today.  My understanding mother brought a carload of folks for my going away to college concert. Hope you were lucky enough to have been there.


  • Major Events in the community


    The Beatles came to Fulton County Stadium.  For most of my generation this event put Atlanta on the map; we mattered down here in the sleepy South because The Beatles came here. And had their first experience with stage monitors thanks to an Atlantan.

    When Jimi Hendrix played the chitlin circuit, he’d ... Read more >>