Music Venue and Clubs

The first club of note was a coffeehouse performance space beneath 14th and Peachtree named The Catacombs. It was ground zero for Atlanta Freaks becoming hippies in 1967.

Later it became For Heads Only.

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The Bowery


Atlanta Municipal Auditorium

Sports Arena


The Great Southeast Music Hall 


Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom

  • Alex Cooley interview

    alexcooleyAlex Cooley opened Atlanta to the music world, and vice versa. He also brought MidTown Music Festival to The Strip!
    He has some very interesting things to say.


    Thanks Alex for all the great music over the years.

    Thanks especially for bringing The ...

  • Backstreet

    Backstreet was a dance club off Peachtree. It was a gay club but welcomed those exploring all  freedoms. Remember oral sex in Georgia, even between a married couple,  could land you in jail before 2003!    Backstreet and later  The Limelight both served as battlefields against Georgia’s antiquated laws on sex.

    Backstreet was where the music and ...

  • Music venue ads from Bill Hardin

    Bring back any memories?

  • The Twelfth Gate is a church for turned-on types.

    Atlanta Constitution Magazine  June 9, 1968 pg. 24

    The Twelfth Gate is a church for turned-on types. Coffeehouse Preach-In

    By Olive Ann Burns  (note the wonderful Southern author)

    image001THERE’LL be a preach-in and love feast at Piedmont Park this afternoon if it ... Read more >>

  • The Castle – Golden Horn









    SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2006

    The Golden Horn – Revisited

    the castlehorn





    Photo by Rocky Hunter

    This morning we were looking at the pictures on Rocky’s blog he took in and around the High Museum in Atlanta yesterday.


    When the above house ...

  • Gena

    I worked at the The Twelfth Gate starting in the summer of 1969 untill 1972 I think, and lived on 14th street. I was also in Daryl Roades and the HaHavishnu Orchestra from 1975-1976. I went to The Atlanta College of Art, the guy who ran The Catacombs went to the school also. I think he ... Read more >>

  • Electric Ballroom

    The Electric Ballroom  was opened in the Georgian terrace by Alex Cooley.

    The Turkey Trip was to be at the Duke Tire warehouse at 11th and Peachtree right on the Strip. As often happened, the night before the event the place was hurriedly condemned by the city. The concert was moved to the Georgian Terrace and the price ... Read more >>

  • Great Southeast Music Hall

    Great Southeast Music Hall

  • Roses Cantina – 688

    Roses Cantina on Spring later morphed into  688.

  • Richards

    richardsad2Richards opened with a bang on Atlanta’s scene. It was a sophisticated night club venue to have a rather intimate experience with a musical favorite. Unfortunately it also closed with flare.


    The Great Speckled Bird Jan. 9, 1975 Vol.  #2 pg. 1 



    droppedImage