In the community associated with The Strip there were some extraordinary people. We have been attempting to interview as many as we can to get their stories told.

The Freaks of their times seldom get their story told without editing for changed sensibilities. Listen to a few and get a feel for that era of social change in Atlanta besides the big stories that made the history books.

Voices from The Freak Era

  • Harry Demille

    Harry Demille bridges from The Strip community where he worked at the 12th Gate harry2 to the Little Five Points community where he co-founded Wax and  Facts.harry


    12th Gate

    Patti and Judith move from Florence, Alabama to Atlanta

    Moving into the 12th ...

  • Steve Wise interview

    steve wise2Steve Wise is a long time member of The Great Speckled Bird staff. He is working on his book concerning the times and underground papers.

    (This was shot on the very northern edge of Piedmont Park across from   office at 240 Westminster ... Read more >>

  • Wolfe interviewed by Bill Horrisberger for StoryCorps

    Kudos to Bill Horrisberger for his earlier StoryCorp interview.

    Early life

    Best times

    Selling magazines

    selling comics

    Clifton Night Ministry

    other shelters

    Bill Horrisberger- conscientious objector

    Visual Icon

    Little Five Points fences


    the Ex-Prez Way

    Bill Horrisberger on shelters

    Wolfe is a good man!


  • Wolfe Thomas interview


    In Atlanta during the late sixties and onward, a fixture on the local scene has been Wolfe Thomas, known simply as Wolfe, selling periodicals.

    Famous for his and Tom Millican’s standing at 10th Street and Peachtree selling first The Great Speckled Bird, then other less noble periodicals ... Read more >>

  • Tom and Stephanie Coffin interview

    The Coffin’s art house




    Tom and Stephanie Coffin are among the most creative and industrious people you could ever meet.  Since arriving here in the mid sixties for Emory grad school, they have contributed much to the quality ... Read more >>

  • Debbie Eason interview

    shapeimage_2 shapeimage_4Debbie Eason is a Creative Loafer extraordinary.

    Debbie Eason came up with the idea of a FREE newspaper about all the activities in Atlanta, paid for BY THE ADVERTISERS!  For a mother to work was still shocking. ... Read more >>

  • Rupert Fike interview

    There is nothing run of the mill about Rupert Fike.

    His life sounds like a novel starting with the UGA SDS being taken as a joke at the Levitation of the Pentagon in 1967, to The Farm in Tennessee, a still running commune, by way of the Haight and the Saturday class and SNCC. Rupert is ... Read more >>

  • Charlie Brown interview

    Charlie Brown, Darryl Brooks and some friends came to Atlanta from Chicago. They quickly became part of life around the area. Charlie tells a good tale, so have a listen to Tale of The Chicago Boys.

          All recordings copyright the strip project

    Part 1

    Part 2


  • Haynes McFadden interview

    catacombswall2Haynes McFadden was typical of the experimental artist of the time. He came from the world of photography and got interested in color. He helped the Electric Collage Light Show rise to acclaim. He was involved in some of the early ‘scene’ in Atlanta. He  resided ... Read more >>

  • George Nikas interview

    nikas arrestGeorge was arrested for identifying a narc in Piedmont Park. Meanwhile…There was a police riot.








    We were lucky enough to get George to sit and tell us the story behind his part in what became a police riot. He was ... Read more >>