14th Street

PeaceLoveStreetSign14th Street had been an upscale neighborhood until around 1966 when it began to decline, helped by real estate hungry developers. In 1966 the area was slated for demolition and development. Meanwhile large mansions were rented for just over $100 a month. By 1967 it had become a magnet for artistic and political people. On warm nights the street was a neighborhood party from Peachtree down to Piedmont Park. . Remember Underground Atlanta extends under Peachtree down to 14th as old basements. These were still accessible then at places and functioned as a true undergound for bikers and street people. Just across Peachtree on 14th Street, Mother David opened a social club for hippies, The Catacombs.

This change to a area was memorialized in a famous poster of early hippies.hirez14thst

On the 14th Street poster

Lendon Sadler is the black guy on the left (Grady grad moved to San Francisco and was a member of The Cockettes), Fifi Fiuk next to him, then Charlie, then me (Lisa Deadmore), the guy next to me was a good friend but his name has slipped, Stevie Parker next to him, don’t remember the name of the guy next to Dee (his cousin), Dee McCargo, another Steve sitting down on the left, brother to the guy next to me whose name I’ve forgotten, the girl was part of the speckled bird staff, can’t remember her name, Gil next to her, and don’t remember the name of the other guy – everybody always through he was a narc!

i was born and raised in atlanta – went to morningside elementary and grady high school – was totally immersed in the 14th st. scene and the workshop for nonviolence etc. – went to Woodstock which is where i met the Hog Farm and came to new mexico – my husband and i returned to new mexico 7 years ago. –Lisa 

14th and Peachtree above The Catacombs, later For Heads Only.


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  1. This poster was used by The Atlanta History Center in an event at the Margaret Mitchell House, HiddenMidtown: HeART of the City! scavenger hunt to find where artistic places are, or had been.

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