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Ever since the days when Freaks roamed Atlanta, whenever fellow travelers gather, tales have been told. We talked always of collecting them. Suddenly the death of The Chief, a Red-Black-White man (Apache raised in Alabama as Black till enlisting in the army made him white -crazy race laws), a journalist who had championed the cause of telling the hip tales lest they be forgot, and the gifting of a painting of The Strip, put Pat and Patti into action to collect what they could and share it through a website, The Strip Project, which went online in 2006.

From Dr. Hooker to Patti

We had been scavenging items of historic interest and searching microfiche to find items in Atlanta papers. Plus making contact with photographers and notable people from The Great Speckled Bird. Our first public show was on The Strip at the Margaret Mitchell House in conjunction with The Atlanta History Center.

Here is a  video from the 2007  Gathering.

We had so much fun we did it again in 2008!

Also in 2008 was The Bird Bash.

The Great Speckled Bird gathered the tribe and readers, too for a big party outside Atlanta.


The Bird Bash documented

Speckled Bird AnnouncementThe Strip project and The Bird created The Turbulent Sixties in Atlanta, 1968-1976  at the DeKalb Historical Society Exhibit in Decatur, Ga. It opened on May 18, 2011 and closed April 20, 2012. The Bird has kept their part as a mobile exhibit moving around the Southeast.

  • Underground Comics

    Atlanta Hippies loved Underground Comics! Mr. Natural was Keepin’ on Truckin’ everywhere. The Celestial Omnibus sported Mr. Natural. Atlanta also had its own underground comics. Here are the few I have. Anyone have more to share?

    abbotcomic abbotback

  • Chattahoochee River Raft Race


  • Dave Hoffman

    Dave Hoffman writes-

    The photo in Piedmont Park is me, Curtis Winfrey, Stoney Mae (Priscilla Star Hunnicutt) and I think thats Abe aka (Roger Wilson & Edward Brown), behind Curtis.Stoney with 3 guys in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, 1970

    (I’d love ...

  • “…he not busy being born is busy dying…”

    The Great Speckled Bird 5/12/69 vol 2 #9 p11

     “I will secretly accept you,

    And together we’ll fly South.”

     “Leave your stepping stones behind

    There’s something that calls for you.

    Forget the dead you left, they will ... Read more >>

  • Diamond Lil

    RIP Diamond Lil 8/10/2016 @ 80 ( a secret no longer kept)



    Coming into Atlanta from small town South Georgia in 1968 I had never met an openly gay person before and was a bit shocked at first. Lil regularly hung out at her ... Read more >>

  • Jimi Hendrix Blows Atlanta’s mind

    Poster Hendrix68atl

    Soft Machine, Amboy Dukes, Vanilla Fudge and Jimi Hendrix Experience’s two shows at Atlanta’s Municipal Auditorium blew away Atlanta’s collective mind on Saturday August 17, 1968. Have you ever been Experienced? Now we could answer in the affirmative. Musicians in particular talk about this show ... Read more >>

  • Harry Demille

    Harry Demille bridges from The Strip community where he worked at the 12th Gate harry2 to the Little Five Points community where he co-founded Wax and  Facts.harry


    12th Gate

    Patti and Judith move from Florence, Alabama to Atlanta

    Moving into the 12th ...

  • Duane Allman obituary Issue of The Great Speckled Bird

    duanecoverGreat Speckled Bird v. 4 no. 45 (November 8, 1971) available as a pdf from Georgia State University Library here.


  • Steve Wise interview

    steve wise2Steve Wise is a long time member of The Great Speckled Bird staff. He is working on his book concerning the times and underground papers.

    (This was shot on the very northern edge of Piedmont Park across from   office at 240 Westminster ... Read more >>

  • Wolfe interviewed by Bill Horrisberger for StoryCorps

    Kudos to Bill Horrisberger for his earlier StoryCorp interview.

    Early life

    Best times

    Selling magazines

    selling comics

    Clifton Night Ministry

    other shelters

    Bill Horrisberger- conscientious objector

    Visual Icon

    Little Five Points fences


    the Ex-Prez Way

    Bill Horrisberger on shelters

    Wolfe is a good man!



3 thoughts on “Project history

  1. I used to sell the Great Speckled Bird on the corner of 10th & Peachtree in the Fall of either 1969 or 1970 (possibly both) – Really enjoying your website! I lived there as a runaway of 14 starting Labor Day Weekend, turned 15 about 3 weeks after arriving. Worked at Chili Dog Charlie’s a few weeks Oct/Nov ’69 & left to head with 3 others & a poodle to cross the US to The Haight in a VWBug, driving nonstop! Knew Wade and Judy Bates (bro/sis), Mouse and Bongo, plus hung with Stoney and Cody a whole lot.

  2. We are going to be opening a new bar in the old Jocks and Jill’s location at 10th and Peachtree in the white building. Having such a hard time finding any information online about the building be for 1992. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you 💃🏻

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