Youth Movement

¬†Youth will make the revolution! Youth will keep the revolution! Youth International Party, The Yippies! Joke ’em if they can’t take a f*ck!

NL002-May1970 copyWe changed the world in 1967 when both advertisers and politicians discovered we had money and the vote. They both began plotting as to how best use both to their advantage. Look at how the over 30s Americans dressed in 1966, then look at the same, even the same people, in 1969 and the effects of the youth will be easily visible. Everyone, with advertisings help, had decided they wanted to be cool and not ‘square’ any more. Styles of clothing, music, talk, etc. were appropriated by older generations even if only as a patina to hide the inner square.

Around The Strip we were mostly consumed with figuring out how to create a community in which we could peacefully function. That was the daily youth movement.