Bongo Interview

bongoBongo, Peter Jenkins, was Atlanta’s digger who fed the masses in Piedmont Park, ran crash pads for transient kids, and mediated between bikers and hippies.

He has some interesting tales.


  All recordings copyright the strip project

Hello from Bongo!

An outside agipotato







Coming to Georgia from Texas



Feeding the people

Reverend Bongo

The Zoo 8th at Penn

bongo-71_44 copy-1
Photo courtesy Carter Tomassi







Bongo the biker

Bongo Busted!


Hard Drugs


The Strip rules

Tree Climbers International

The Allman Brothers

Bongo meets Gov. Maddox

Chit -chat


Peter’s new life

Peter and Patti at the Bird Bash 2008



One thought on “Bongo Interview

  1. This is beyond fascinating, it is kind of blowing my mind. I was wondering if Miller Francis was saying that he is gay now. And I thought it was interesting that, in the sections I listened to, there was no discussion of Maoism or the lines on the gay question that were part of the Maoist movement.

    I think it would be great if Miller wrote not only a novel (I saw a mention on the CNN page that he is doing that), but also a memoir.

    My warm regards to Miller, and I would be interested in hearing from him if that is at all possible, you are welcome to give my email address to him.

    Bill Martin

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