Bucky Wetherell interview

Photo by Haynes McFadden. Bucky is left behind the projector.

Bucky Wetherell was at Atlanta School of Art when ‘the scene’ started, worked with early light shows at The Catacombs  with The Electric Collage Lightshow. He then became part of STOMP.  STOMP was a tribal musical like Hair, but actually created by hippies. It started in Texas, matured here, moved to New York and returned to be firebombed in Atlanta.

Mother David , king of Atlanta hippies according to the papers, was a model at the Atlanta School of Art by The High Museum where a lot of the ‘scene’ started.

Introduction to Bucky

The Strip

The Catacombs

Light shows

Light show techniques moved into movie making and into Atlanta’s Electric Collage Light Show. Lots of creativity tales centered around the High Museum area.



High Museum

Haynes McFadden

Stomp – on stage

Stomp arson.

Palinurus Gallery, 15th street


Richards nightclub

Alex Cooley

The scene blossoms in 1969. People and places emerge.

Cliff Enders


Wallace Brothers

Bucky’s best experience

Richard Greene

Bucky’s worst experience around The Strip

Places I remember

The 12th Gate


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