George Nikas interview

nikas arrestGeorge was arrested for identifying a narc in Piedmont Park. Meanwhile…There was a police riot.

We stood and fought back: The Parks belong to the People.
We stood and fought back: The Parks belong to the People.








We were lucky enough to get George to sit and tell us the story behind his part in what became a police riot. He was also on ‘the scene’ from the early days and sheds a lotta light. Listen in…

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Names on The Strip

People on The Strip

the Police Riot


Stores on The Strip

Strip art

Tight Squeeze area

The Strip name

Hip community area

Atlanta musicians

14th Street Theater




George’s worst experience

Age Amaze



3 thoughts on “George Nikas interview

  1. It was Charlie Westerfield who died early, 1970ish, not Steve. His funeral was at the Catholic Church near the Domino/Imperial.

    1. John ans Steve Westerfield were brotbers. Charlie was not a Westerfield. Steve Westerfield died early on and as far as we can tell, John is still hangin in tnere. Charlie’s last name is somewhere in here. It comes now and again when I think about him from those times.

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