Haynes McFadden interview

catacombswall2Haynes McFadden was typical of the experimental artist of the time. He came from the world of photography and got interested in color. He helped the Electric Collage Light Show rise to acclaim. He was involved in some of the early ‘scene’ in Atlanta. He  resided in South Africa until his death. Haynes Carter McFadden passed away June 10, 2012 at 69, after having resided in Omaruru, Namibia, since 1998. He was a pioneer for the Baha’i Faith in Germany and Namibia, photographically chronicled a number of major Baha’i events and later focused on training and empowering Namibians through both his business and his Baha’i activity.
Here are his stories from his Atlanta days.

      All recordings copyright the strip project

Moving into the pre-Strip area


Experiments with color

The Electric Collage

The Catacombs

the Bands

The area transforms

Oglethorpe University area

work in Theater


Shady Theaters

Shady too

The Atlanta Pop festival

about Alex Cooley

The Onion Dome

Light art



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